kidnapping section in ppc

2021 PCrLJ 593

Power and scope of Court under Section 491 Cr.P.C—

The orders which can be passed by the High Court in the matters of unlawful detention in reference to Rules & Orders of the Lahore High Court Volume-V, Chapter-4 Part-F—-

The importance of Daily Diary in reference to Rule 22.48 of Police Rules, 1934 and under Article 167 of Police Order, 2002—-

Relevancy of Articles 9,10 & 14 of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973 with police investigation and unlawful detention—-

The status of bailiff—-

United Nations Convention against Torture and its applicability to a police investigation.

Lahore High Court directed Inspector General of Police, Punjab to ensure that:-

(i) Station Diaries in all Police Stations be maintained in accordance with 22.48 of Police Rules, 1934 and Article 167 of Police Order, 2002.

ii) In accordance with Article 10 of the Constitution, grounds of arrest must be provided to every accused immediately after taking him in police custody.

(iii) Inspections of all police stations be conducted in terms of Chapter-XX Rule 5 of Police Rules, 1934.

(iv) Appropriate steps be taken for educating the police personnel in the Province in accordance with Articles 10 & 11 of UNCAT regarding torture during custody, interrogation, arrest, detention or imprisonment etc.

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