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PLJ 2021 Lahore 485

PLJ 2021 Lahore 485

Conditions mentioned in Column No. 16 of Nikahnama–Claim of recovery of Rs.500,000/- by the respondent/plaintiff from the petitioner/defendant on the ground of second marriage–it was mentioned in the Clause 19–Allah Almighty in Holy Qur’an has delegated uncovenanted powers to the husband to pronounce Talaq to his wife in order to avoid any transgression of Islamic bounds–A husband has an absolute right to divorce his wife and in this regard, no condition is described in the Sharia as well as in the codified
law–The husband has a right to divorce his wife from his free will and no condition can be imposed in this regard–The judgments of the learned Courts below to the extent of Issue No. 4 suffer from patent illegality and are liable to be set aside–



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