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Legal Services in Pakistan: A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to legal matters in Pakistan, navigating the legal system can be a complex and challenging process. Whether you are dealing with a criminal case, a civil lawsuit, or a business-related matter, it is crucial to have a good understanding of the legal system and the available legal services in the country. In […]

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Tenant and Lord

Tenant and Lord Case Laws

Citation Name: 2021 MLD 542 QUETTA-HIGH-COURT-BALOCHISTAN ALI HASSAN VS Mst. SUMAIRA KHALID Ss.13 & 14—Constitution of Pakistan, Arts.23 & 24—Civil Procedure Code (V of 1908), S.2(2)—Contract Act (IX of 1872), S.42—Ejectment of tenant—Bona fide personal need of landlord—Earlier ejectment petition having been dismissed as withdrawn—Death of a party during pendency of proceedings—Effect—Word ‘party’ contained in […]

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Civil Case laws

2021 YLR 677 LAHORE

Citation Name: 2021 YLR 677 LAHORE-HIGH-COURT-LAHORE Bookmark this Case Syed ARIF HUSSAIN SHAH VS SAKINA BIBI Ss. 8 & 42—Civil Procedure Code (V of 1908), S. 115— Suit for possession of immovable property and declaration— Fraud and forgery—Bona fide purchasers from attorney—imposing of special costs—Plaintiffs/respondents claimed to be owners of suit property and sought recovery […]

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PLJ 2021 Lahore 485

PLJ 2021 Lahore 485 Conditions mentioned in Column No. 16 of Nikahnama–Claim of recovery of Rs.500,000/- by the respondent/plaintiff from the petitioner/defendant on the ground of second marriage–it was mentioned in the Clause 19–Allah Almighty in Holy Qur’an has delegated uncovenanted powers to the husband to pronounce Talaq to his wife in order to avoid […]