How Junior Lawyer Can Make MONEY

How Junior Lawyer Can Make MONEY

How much money do lawyers make? We are going to explain this topic here, but do you know the different types of ways through which lawyers can earn money? Do hiring lawyers present an idea? I’m going to talk about these different income streams available for lawyers. So what are the different types of ways through which lawyers can earn money? See, after you complete your law graduation, you start working with a senior lawyer or a law firm or get a job in some private organization or a company right. So if we broadly categorize This is one way through which lawyers earn money, and this one is a consistent income stream. But apart from this, there are certain other income streams too, like advisory or Consultancy Services.

After you gain some experience, you can start providing services as a legal advisor. This work is very flexible, you can do it whenever you have free time. And there is no fixed schedule because you can adjust it according to your requirements. Nowadays, there are many websites where you can make your profile and add a few more details like specialization years of experience, etc. Once you get listed on that website, and people searching for some expert legal advice, like your profile on that website, then they can contact you directly. And then you both can schedule a meeting, drafting work, people don’t contact a lawyer only for filing a case or getting some legal advice. There are other things too.

There are other things like drafting the legal notice, agreement, power of attorneys, affidavits, RTI applications, and many other such documents. So you can do all this kind of work at your home, even after your full-time job writing. If you’re good at writing, then you can make money out of that too. Like you can become an author. By writing commentaries on subjects related to law, or some competitive exams. You can also become a columnist by writing articles for reputed newspapers and magazines. Also nowadays, this market is not limited to the offline world. There are many platforms online through which you can showcase your writing skills like writing blogs on, WordPress, or medium. You can also use LinkedIn for this purpose.

Apart from this, you can also own by writing articles for websites of media companies teaching usually local, his lectures are held early in the morning in most of the local law colleges and could start at 11 or 10 in the morning, so many lawyers who are into litigation start teaching in these colleges because they are able to do both the things simultaneously apart from colleges. There is also some coaching Institute that requires law teachers for some competitive exams, exams like judicial services, examination, Civil Services, exam, bank, loan, Officer exam, etc. So you can teach insets colleges are also in such coaching classes, you can also start teaching online by creating video courses, you can do it by starting your own YouTube channel. Or you can upload your video courses on websites like Udemy.

on websites like Udemy you own by directly selling your courses, and on YouTube, you can earn by displaying ads on your videos, speaking engagements, lawyers are good speakers, are you? Okay? But usually, lawyers are good speakers, you can focus on your specialization, and start speaking about it at various conferences, take seminars and charge for it or do it for free, yes, free. See, your investment will not be a waste. Because these are the places from which your future clients will be coming. And those future clients you can charge later investing as an advocate, you cannot practice law and also simultaneously work full time as a law professional at any other place. Also, you cannot run a business full-time or part-time, but you can become a sleeping partner in a company. A sleeping partner is a person who invests his money in a business but does not actively participate in the management of that business.

So to tell you in short, you can invest your money in any business as a sleeping partner, and then earn money from the profits of that business, creating apps or web applications. Have you ever encountered a problem, which many other lawyers face? And can you solve that problem using the app or the web application? If the answer is yes, then first clearly figured out that problem. Then create an app or a website for solving that problem. You can do this by yourself, or you can hire an app developer. And once your app or website is ready, then make it public and do some marketing. Once you get a sufficient number of users then you can earn by displaying tags, always selling products through the app or service you are providing. That’s it for this video.

If you do some movies through which lawyers can earn money along with their full-time job, then do tell us in the comments below.

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