Qualities of a Good Lawyer

There are many qualities and people make it very complicated how to become a big lawyer you need to do, it’s very simple. Because once you master the thing, things are not simple. It’s complex only before the master. So those who are struggling, those who are in the middle, consider things are very difficult. But once you have mastered, it’s easy, it’s simple. So seven seeds see with the capital word see. So the first pile d c means confidence. So write a checklist of the top line. So first, quality is confidence. Everything started with confidence. Because if you do not have the confidence, how the client will have confidence in how the judges who will listen, who will pass a judgment will have confidence in you. So everything starts with self-confidence. Now, self-confidence does not mean arrogance.

Self Confidence does not mean bragging. Self Confidence does not mean I don’t need new movies, but in old movies there used to be this Rajkumar. Hum, he’s aka Psalm a calm, they got a right competency, you are aware of your strength. And you are aware of your limitation. And you are comfortable with your limitations. You know, what is the difference between a genius and a fool? Both will do police things, whether it’s a genius or a fool, genius is comfortable. Okay, I make mistake, what’s the big deal? Fool will say No, I never make mistakes. Right. So, a confident person does not have the difficulty in saying that I may be good at something, but I may not be good in other things. Right? Whereas the person who is arrogant will try to prove that he or she is good at everything? No. So the first thing is confidence. Everything started with that sale faith. That’s the first column second is it does not come from the air that Oh, I’m confident where does it come from? It should be grounded and it is grounded in the second quality that is competence, competence, ability to do something, ability to do things well.

So competence, because only when you are competent, you will be confident and otherwise you say an airy-fairy thing. So it is based on competence. How do you develop competence then second quality that comes from two things and that’s very important. First say in the field of law, for example, you should have a clear understanding of basic concepts or write them down. Now one basic concept should be absolutely clear. Say for example, if say law, so what is law contract law codes, crime, various constitution, administrative law principles, fundamental principles of interpretation, fundamental concepts should be very clear. So that is the conceptual part. So that’s a conceptual foundation of Law at Harvard at Oxford, what they teach you, they teach you how to be really strong in your conceptual understanding. That’s what the teach. So now, once your conceptual understanding, this is only conceptual. So without experience is not enough. universities can give good you new seats can give a good conceptual Foundation, but law is a practical profession. So the real competence comes when you start doing things.

So concept understanding, then doing cases, cases and cases and cases and cases, the more you do, the better you become. I started with D Ramaswamy. Attorney General, I learned a lot from him. Then one day I asked, famous lawyer arbitrary no more JT so I asked JT sub Sahara, how to be successful in practice. He said that the best way to learn is by doing it. And that was the best advice. The best way to learn is by doing it. So the more cases you will be doing, the more practical work you’ll be doing, the better you’ll be at it, but not just repeating doing taking risks, making mistakes, learning from them. Right, but you have to take essentially there is the courage to do things. You should not be just in the head you want to put out in the real life. Right. So competence comes from experience, conceptual understanding which you will get in the university. Add practical things when you start practicing, right.

So, you have confidence you have competence. Now, if you’re both, but if you are not able to communicate to others you may understand anything you have a good understanding, but then you should be able to communicate. So, third quality see is communication both written and spoken English because English is the language most of the places high court or Supreme Court only places regional language will work at trial code or whatever, but since law is an international subject competence in English is very very important. No one should be proud of one’s language and one should master both, right. Matthew Bhatia maybe you try to monaci you should have a musty your mother tongue also, I noticed in fact one funny thing when I was studying at Harvard, one of my German friend said one thing I don’t understand I said what when two Germans meet they speak German when two French meet they meet speak French when two Chinese need they speak Chinese, but when to Indian meat they speak English Don’t you have any language of your own? I said well, India is a vast country.

So, since there are so many languages, you know and we are international people to watch we speak English. But the thing is, you must have mastery over your research shows that those who study their mother tongue fast and foreign language afterwards in long term do better than those who study in a foreign language right. So both mastering your own language as well in English. So communication. Now what is the communication communication means you should be able to convey your thesis to another now famous poet galib said about communication excellent. He said up nah ha got up he some day to catch up now Taha got up here, some jeeto Kasam j muda, Kanika tohei aka or do something ma Kanika Tom, hey, Erica, hey or do something What does it mean illegal practice, whether it’s civil litigation or criminal litigation, see, when you are drafting a thing, when you are drafting a petition, we are drafting an application is a target audience, it is not enough that you have a clarity in your head Oh, I have drafted where you will know, whether the judge will understand or not, because it’s the judge who has to pass the order. Right, whether what you want to convey you are ended up conveying to the other side right.

So, communication is effective communication is when the target audience understands it getting the point, so, communication, the third competency, there are competencies there then there is a communication, but supposing you don’t get any client. So, where will you show your competence. So, for that purpose, we do not teach you in law school, but very important for fourth category is connecting social network or whatever we are making friends right. So that when you start practice, there are people who can refer to you. So, fourth thing is connecting because it is only from connection, you get the power otherwise you are an isolated person, right. Many people talk about independence without understanding human beings are not independent, right? Human beings are connected.

So, it should be well connection, what is independence a person in a general forest is also independent does not mean anything right. So, the good quality from dependence to independence years, but then from independent next stage is also there, which is called interdependence. Where you’re connecting with other person you are independent other person independent, but connecting Lord like to rock separate, right. So connecting, how should you connect? You should always connect on equal terms. Right? If somebody is powerful as is powerless is not an action. It’s a domination or subordination no equal the way you know when there’s a famous saying Alexander ask for us that how you should be treated.

And Porter said the way a king treats another king, Eric Raja Raja. So you are all like Lords or ladies. And you should connect with each other on equal terms. Like that’s connecting, that’s a healthy connecting because otherwise this happens. Human society so that’s not helping. So poor thing is connecting



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